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Jeena isi ka naam hai Full Movie Jeena international intelligence agency Hindu deity Naam Hai  Full Movie ? is also. however is that this a full Movie film? Not by a protracted shot.Jeena isi ka naam hai, Jeena international intelligence agency Hindu deity Naam Hai is additional associate endurance takes a look at, a lumbering mess that wanders everywhere the place each virtually and figuratively, hobbling on in no explicit direction. That it gets obscurity isn’t any surprise. regarding the sole issue that stands move into Jeena international intelligence agency Hindu deity, Naam Hai is its back-breaking length. it is a 170-minute script-less blunder into that director Keshav Panneriy packs everything that he is aware of regarding India and also the world. thus there is discrimination against the woman kid, a forced wedding, the rich-poor divide, puppy love, heartbreak, violence, the looming threat of feminine foeticide, social policy, verbalize women’s authorization, racism and also the war in West Asia. permanently live, the film additionally throws in some uneven Urdu poetry. The list goes on however you actually will not go wah wah.

The film does not tire. The audience will. Jeena ISI Hindu deity Naam Hai is filmmaking by the numbers. Again, quite virtually. once the feminine protagonist arrives in Bombay on the run from the tiny low city in Rajasthan, a tea-stall boy offers her cutting chai. She orders a full cup instead. I do not have cups, thus have 2 glasses of cutting chai, the boy suggests helpfully. This film will one thing almost like the audience however on a numbingly exaggerated scale


Director: Keshhav Panneriy
Writers: Purnima Mead , Amreetaa Roy
Stars: Arbaaz Khan, Himansh Kohli, Ashutosh Rana

it offers glimpses of life one cutting chai at a time, every glass less stimulating than the previous one.If there’s something in Jeena ISI Hindu deity Naam Hai that’s worse than the aggressive book, it’s the sloppy acting. the common fraction of the unruly forged shrieks and hollers within the hope of being detected on top of the din; the opposite gropes regarding within the dark to work out what they’re purported to be up to during this monumental mess of a moving-picture show.

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The central figure may be a woman United Nations agency is treated like dirt by her factory-worker father, sort of a doormat by her brutal husband and sort of a pushover by everyone else. that’s till she decides that she’s had enough. however, by that time within the film, the audience is yawning away to glory, if not precisely dozing off. Actually, the latter risk is quite low given the film’s ear-splitting background score, that is in perpetual assault mode.Notwithstanding all the misfortunes that life hurls at the all-suffering girl, she makes Associate in Nursing torturously long journey while not running out of breath and collapsing. She travels from Udaipur to the metropolis and from thence to the massive Apple. targeted on creating it massive come back what could, she additionally makes a miraculous leap from the seedy, incommodious workplace of Mumbai’s ‘Mayanagari’ magazine to the swank newsroom of ‘The Manhattan Times’ while not breaking a sweat.


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Her name is Alia Saint Patrick (Manjari Fadnis). She may be a single mamma, poet, journalist, newspaperwoman, welfare worker, and fierce women’s crusade. She lurches from one crisis to a different, none of them of her own creating. whereas she is avoiding the pitfalls in her means, she finds the time to sign her divorce papers on the bonnet of her unloved husband’s automobile between administering infantile paralysis drops to youngsters in an exceeding village somewhere in Rajasthan.It is not that everyone in her immediate geographic region is bent on run Alia to the bottom. bereft schoolmate Alex (Himansh Kohli), royal housemaid and over-earnest pep-talker Hindu deity (Supriya Pathak), talkative Urdu poet-editor and guardian spirit Shaukat Ali Mirza “Karachiwale” (Prem Chopra) and selfless NRI business person and silent admirer Hindu deity Kapoor (Arbaaz Khan) do their perfect to assist her remain her feet. however despite however noble their intentions square measure, their acts of goodness square measure forever preposterously silly.

Jeena isi ka naam hai Full Movie Download


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