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This is Shikari full movie for those who solely enjoy Shikari movie the dictum dished or running-around-HD sequences. It’s for movie lovers who enjoy a mix of romance, satire, revolutionary ideas and struggle for freedom, that has been excellently executed by director Abhaya Simha. a disguised professional assassin with mysterious past, tasked with assassinating a top government official.


Directors: Zakir Hossain, Joydip Mukherjee
Writers: Pele Bhattacharya, Joydeep Chakraborty
Stars: Shakib Khan, SrabantiChatterjee,


After his first Shikari full movie director Abhaya Simha, has worked as an artist to weave a movie of two different stories which ends together in a dramatic climax.Nabab Full Movie Download 2017

In 120 minutes, Simha combines romance and revolution with a touch of freedom and democracy.The story is set in a Malnad village called Manjinadka in 1945.

Shikari Full Movie DownloadThe first track has Arun (Mammootty) coming to the village as a revolutionist to fight Britishers and falls in love with Renuka (Poonam Bajwa). He also inculcates the spirit of freedom in the minds of his friends Ramamithra (Achyuth Kumar) and Abdulla. The second track has Abhijith, a software engineer, coming to the village in search of Gopinath Shinde, author of the novel Shikari. He aims to discover pages that are missing from the original manuscripts as he finds the story interesting.Boss 2 Free Full Movie Download HD

While searching for the script, he falls in love with Nanditha, daughter of the author. Like most movies, there is a curious twist towards the climax.

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Mammootty delivers an amazing performance and deserves full marks for dubbing in Kannada, which at times, sounds broken but is impressive. Poonam Bajwa is lively. Mohan Achyuth Kuma and Neenasam Ashwath do justice to their roles. While Vikram Srivastav needs a special mention for his brilliant cinematography, V Harikrishna is equally commendable for his musical numbers.Even the ageless charm of Mammootty fails to rescue the plot. He fits the role of the software engineer but is too polished to play the role of a rugged freedom fighter.

Shikari Full Movie DownloadSongs crawl in like slimy creatures and fail to enliven the dreary romance. Hastily edited stunt sequences miserably fail to compensate the lack of craftsmanship. Rain, tears, and gasps combine in equal measure to deliver a frustrating climax to this failed fantasy tale. Towards the end of the film, Nanditha, a character played by Poonam Bajwa worryingly looks around and asks herself, “Where is this story heading?” One could almost hear her desperation resonating in the multiple sighs among the audience.


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